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The "How" we Hold You Accountable is our Secret Sauce

There are thousands of training courses, books, tapes and company programs available for sale but the problem is few people who invest in personal or company training ever finish.

How we deliver our training and our accountability process are what makes the difference for you to get better results.  Here is how it works and see if you agree:

You register for a free or paid course (our example will be the free program from Dr. Dufner, a memory specialist called "How to Remember Names" because everybody would love to remember someone's name) and receive the first lesson.

At the bottom of each lesson we add 4 links and label them:

Yes - Select this link if you completed the short lesson (we then send you lesson 2 tomorrow).
No - Select this link if you did not finish (or start) the lesson (we send you lesson 1 again tomorrow)
Continue - Select this lesson if you want to take lesson 2 right away (we send you lesson 2 within 3 minutes) and you can talk the whole course in one sitting if you want to.
Pause - Select this link if you need to pause the delivery and accountability process for a period of time (you can select how long to pause the course)

But here is the key.  If you do not select any of the links (you are procrastinating), then tomorrow you get our (virtual mom) reminder.  In this email you can select the Yes link to have the last lesson resent to get back on track or give up with the opt out link

If you fail to choose a link in a reminder, we send you 2 more reminders and then if you still have not re-engaged into the delivery process, we notify the owner of the course who could follow up with you to see what it would take to get you back on track or upgrade you to a higher level of support.

The only thing that matters is you get better results so our delivery and accountability system combined with the owner's monitoring system all are there to help you get better results.

So go ahead and register and try a few free programs to experience how we can produce better results.

P.s. if you have a course you want to add to our platform, it is free to add courses to promote yourself, your business or your products.


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