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  • Use SS2BR to automate your first sales process.
  • Significantly increases your opportunity for repeat sales.
  • Creates a competitive edge by using our customer contact features.
  • Builds customer loyalty through free quality content

The real challenge a professional speaker has is not selling the material at a live event, it is the customer who takes the material home and never completes it.

The statistics show that up to 87% of users never open or complete the course.  Therefore is they do not finish and do not receive the intended results. The opportunity for the speaker to sell that customer a second product is extremely low.  This causes the speaker to continually find new customers.

The SS2BR solution changes this for the speaker.  When the customer purchases the material through the SS2BR system, the delivery and accountability helps the customer complete the course and increase results.  With increased results, they become open to purchase more material from the speaker.

If a potential customer registers for a speakers free course but does not complete the course they are not a strong prospect to purchase your product.  Since the customer did register through the speakers affiliate link, they are part of the speakers team.  If that potential customer purchases anything from any content owners, the speaker would receive a commission on that sale.  The SS2BR solution then will encourage the customer to provide referrals so they can receive compensation on any sales their referrals purchase.  The speaker would earn commission on all of the sales from the customers' customers, 5 levels deep.


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