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newslettertemplategraphic Now you can communicate with your customers using this free newsletter system. Manage their timing of all your prospects and customers to be on the top of their mind when they are ready to purchase what you offer. 

The ReallyBigResults.com newsletter service is the new competitor to Constant Contact, Icontact, Mailchimp and others. The advantages are:

1)  No investment (upfront or long term)

2) Unlimited emails (vs. a fixed number plus overage fees)

3) Free leads from the ReallyBigResults.com marketing clients

4) Earn income from the dead leads in your database (the people that would never buy from you) into a potential lifetime ongoing income stream.

If you are ready to get started, simply register for an account at the top right of the website.

ReallyBigResults.com  newsletter service with unlimited emails. You can schedule all of your newsletters in advance, or not. You can add newsletters on the fly.  You can send hot news as you need it.  You have total flexibility to use this system as you choose.

Here is a quick comparison from an independent research company, Email Marketing Options. We added the ReallyBigResults.com Newsletters to offer a true comparison:

Features SS2BR

Constant Contact

MailChimp   Benchmark email  
 Vertical Response 
Monthly Fee $0 $15.00 $15.00 $9.95 $10.00 $9.95
Number of Contacts   Unlimited     500 2000 600 500 500
Free Trial lifetime Indefinitely 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days 15 Days
Email Creation 5stars 4stars 4stars 4stars 5stars 3stars
Contact Management 5stars 5stars 5stars 5stars 3stars 4stars
Email Delivery 5stars 4stars 4stars 5stars 4stars 4stars
Analyzing Reports 5stars 5stars 5stars 4stars 4stars 3stars
Customer Support 5stars 4stars 4stars 4stars 5stars 5stars
Other Key Features
Free Leads from Database 5stars 0stars 0stars 0stars 0stars 0stars
Turn Dead Leads into Revenue 5stars 0stars 0stars 0stars 0stars 0stars
Recurring Revenue 5stars 0stars 0stars 0stars 0stars 0stars
Wizard to Build Newsletters 5stars 0stars 0stars 0stars 0stars 0stars
Future Feature - Accountability of Users 5stars 0stars 0stars 0stars 0stars


As you can see, if you want a newsletter delivery system, the above solutions are comparable.

But when you need more functionality, more flexibility plus the ability to generate more leads, the
ReallyBigResults.com  system offers the better solution.  Here is an explanation of our differences:

Free Leads from the Database - ReallyBigResults.com supports almost every type of training.  Each of our content providers will have a newsletter in addition to their course offering.  All users will have the ability to search for courses and solutions in the ReallyBigResults.com system.  They can take free courses and sign up for their favorite authors newsletters.  So when someone signs up for your newsletter you receive a free lead.  As the ReallyBigResults.com system continues to grow, there will be fresh new prospects to join your newsletter and take your courses. The more ReallyBigResults.com grows, the more you can leverage the ReallyBigResults.com system for ongoing free leads.

Turn Dead Leads into Revenue - Let's assume you have 100 people that register for your newsletter and are receiving it on a weekly or monthly basis.  The reason you send a newsletter to your prospects or clients is to either close them or sell them additional solutions.  When you are marketing to prospects you would typically expect to convert somewhere between 2% and 10% of the prospects into a paying customer. So this means you have a 2% -10% close ratio or those in your database that will buy from you.  That also means that you have a 90% "no close" ratio and with the other newsletter systems they are called "dead leads".  With the ReallyBigResults.com solution you create leverage because all of your prospects (or customers) register as your affiliate (you send them your affiliate link) and just because they will not buy from you, does not mean they will not buy from someone else in the ReallyBigResults.com system.  Imagine the ReallyBigResults.com solution is a grocery store and you invited the prospect to the grocery store to buy your loaf of bread.  If they buy your loaf of bread you make a sale. If they did not, but they purchased a whole basket full of food or other items and the grocery store paid you a commission on all the items they purchased, every time they came to the store, you would be pretty happy.  That is what the ReallyBigResults.com system does for you.  Once someone registers through your affiliate system, they are assigned to you for life.

Recurring Revenue - Let the ReallyBigResults.com system build a five (5) tier recurring revenue stream for you.The ReallyBigResults.com system will also encourage your prospects or clients to create an affiliate program and will build a 5 tier affiliate system that you get paid on also when anyone buys any products in the ReallyBigResults.com system. Just to let you know, that can turn into a healthy recurring revenue income for you without any effort on your part.

Wizard to Build Newsletters - Building a newsletter can be challenging if you are not an expert. The ReallyBigResults.com solution provides a simple wizard that walks you through the process, taking the pressure off of you.  In the future, we will also offer the ReallyBigResults.com accountability service to help you stay on track yourself so you don't miss a deadline to post your next newsletter.

Future Feature - Accountability of Users - All of our competitors offer statistics to see if your readers are opening or reading your newsletters.  However, there is no accountability feature to positively impact the number of people who read your material. With the ReallyBigResults.com accountability process, you will gain the ability to receive  feedback from the users on their progress.    You will also have the ability to use it to keep yourself on track.  This is a patent pending feature of the ReallyBigResults.com system.

So try the ReallyBigResults.com solution to help your business grow and expand!


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