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How We Make Money

Because our web service is free, everyone ALWAYS asks then how do we make money?

We have 6 ways we make money:

1) Consulting services - We built into the ReallyBigResults.com system the ability for anybody to load a course themselves and use the newsletter service without any help.  Our goal is to help drive your costs as low to zero as possible and even with this option we found most people do not have the time, desire or expertise to create their own sales, pitch, courses or video on their own. So we now offer up front coaching services to help build it and get it loaded.  We have four options:

A - $899 package

B - $1.995 package

C - $4,995 package

D - Do it yourself (free)

E - $599 - One minute sales pitch video

To see the details of the packages click here and scroll to the bottom of the page

2) Sell your products -  or courses for you in our system.  If you have books, tapes, courses or other products we can sell them for you with our delivery and accountability system.  Let's say you sell a book for $10 on amazon (you make about $1.57 profit) and we would mark it up to $15. We found the buyer is not as much concerned at the price but the results that matter.  The end user pays us $15, and we send you $10 ($10 profit to you vs. $1.57 on amazon) and we keep the $5.00.  We send you your payment within 24 hours via PayPal (requires you have a Paypal account).

3)  Advertising - We offer an advertising model where you can proactively be exposed to the active users in our database (see the real time number of users in the database at the top of the website).  We have 25 advertising slots available and four active slots that rotate with each active click and with all the emails that people taking courses click on. We provide reports in your affiliate dashboard that track the number of impressions per month (number of times your add was presented to the user in the featured courses section at the top of each website page), the number of people that took action and clicked on your ad/course, the number of people that subscribed to your free or paid course, how many were from your database vs. from our database and finally how much you sold.

4) Affiliate referrals - We have many courses that are free and then if someone likes their material they click on the link and go to the owners web-page to purchase.  Many of our course owners offer an affiliate commission on sales so they would offer us a small affiliate commission on the sale for increasing their sales.  Consider using our system for your products also.  Our goal is to first generate tremendous value for you and if we can help you sell more with zero marketing costs, then we meet our goal.  If we can also make a small affiliate commission that is nice also and even if you did not offer an affiliate commission, you are a valued partner who is helping us build a global database of potential buyers and you always would get more out then you put in.

5) Up-sell services - We offer additional marketing services such as sales landing pages, marketing consulting and other services such as writing and managing your newsletter service, sales follow up service and next generation Internet services such as handling your facebook, twitter and LInkedin accounts. We also offer virtual sales support also and even can help you develop the right scripts and make the calls for you to book your appointments.  If you have a need for this, submit a request at our help desk under the support tab.

6) Private label  - larger corporations find this interesting to use it just for their internal use to gain a competitive edge.  Applications such as sales training, HR training, end user training, product training and using it to screen applications are just a few. We license our software to be used specifically for individual companies and also offer an exclusive arrangement in your industry for the right investment.

So as you can see, the only options that would be a cost to you are the consulting and advertising options. All the other services are free.  Thanks and please spread the word and encourage others to try our free newsletter service.


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