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Here's How You Win

How many times have you purchased books, tapes, online courses, only to get distracted or procrastinate and not complete the material?  If you don't finish, you don't get the results.

Now with the ReallyBigResults.com platform, here is how you win.  With each course or product that is on the system, our patent pending accountability process keeps you on track and allows you to control the delivery so you can take each lesson and class as slow or as fast as you like. The process is simple. With each lesson, all you need to do to stay engaged in the process is select one of the 6 links (yes, no, pause, continue, opt out or opt out completely) to tell us you are still active.

We know that if we can keep you actively engaged by selecting a link (you decide which link best fits your day) you will eventually get finished and enjoy the results.

If you do not take action, then our virtual mom starts sending you reminders (remember when mom used to tell you to do your homework and if you didn't she started nagging you).  We will typically send you 3 reminders and if you do not select a link, then virtual dad kicks in (remember when you ignored mom and you heard the famous line "Wait until your father gets home".  That is about what happens.  If you fail to respond to 3 reminders, than a report is sent to the lesson owner and you might get either an email or a phone call to see what the problem is so they can help you get back on track.

We help you stay focused and finish the course.  That is how you win...you get the results and your results are all that matter.

So try a few free courses and see how you like it!


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