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Here are the most frequent questions our users have.  If we have not answered all of your questions, feel free to submit a help-desk ticket from the top menu.


Q1-What Makes Really Big Results Different?

Really Big Results enables success by providing a unique (and patent pending) accountability tool that keeps students on track.  Completion equals results.

There are literally millions of online training courses now but they lack the unique delivery and accountability process offered by Really Big Results.

Other large companies, universities and online delivery companies offer lessons with reminders but they do not allow the time flexibility of Really Big Results.  Nor do they have the level of accountability which is what keeps the student on track. Let's face it - with online training - unless you can sit for 1-5 hours at a time, it is very hard to complete a course.  The Really Big Results model solves this problem.

The model requires you t

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Q2-Why Would I want to register as an Affiliate?

Why wouldn't you?  you become a lifetime affiliate when you register with us and it's absolutely free.  As our affiliate you receive a complete back office website to track your business.

You can refer your friends and associates to join as affiliates through tour unique link.

From there you are on autopilot.  We do the rest. We keep all of your affiliates informed of new programs as they are added to the system.  You earn commissions on anything purchased by your affiliates.  You can track it all in your free back office.

Did we mention that we then build 4 more levels of affiliates for you? You earn from 5%-1% on all the sales your team makes.

In other words, you prime the pump, we do all the work and you get paid for life when Read More...

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Q3 - What does it cost to add a course?

It is free to add products, either a free or paid program.  You can add as many as you like at no charge. If you add a paid course, Really Big Results will supply a markup on the course and the end user would pay for the course. Really Big Results then collects the full amount and will pay the content owner electronically within 24 hours.

Really Big Results earn income from the sale of products, advertising, reverse affiliate commissions and corporate licensing.

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Q4 - What industries Can Use This Effectively?

Almost any company in the world can use the SS2BR model for prospecting, closing, monitoring and lead generation.  If you consider an initial meeting with a new prospective customer isn't the first 15-45 minutes of the meeting spent building rapport and educating him about your company, products and competitors?

We recommend that you take all that information and break it down into 7-12 short 5-15 minute lessons (text, audio, video etc.).  Once loaded into the SS2BR system, when you meet new prospects you can use the script "We do XYZ and have a free training program that is short and informative that you can take at....When you are finished we would be happy to meet you and learn about your business".

With this approach, you instantly separate yourself from th

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Q5 - If So Much is FREE, How Does Really Big Results Make Money?

One of the questions we always get is "If it is free to join and free for authors to use the system, then how does Really Big Results Make Money"?

Well we derive our income in several ways and the answer is simple:

1) Every author or product owner is required to provide one program for free so you can test them out to see if they are any good.  Because we can help you complete the course, you stand to gain far more than you might have on your own.  You may then decide that  the author may also provide paid programs, but we do provide a markup on the product for the "delivery and accountability" process we provide.  This is above and beyond the content.  The person that buys the program does pay for the course and the delivery and accountability pRead More...

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Q-6 - Why is your newsletter service better?

The most common newsletter services are 1) Constant Contact, iContact, Swiftpage, etc.  If you want a full comparison of features between the top 10 Click Here.

The SS2BR newsletter service is being introduced as the next generation of newsletters.  It is a streamlined service and includes only the essential features.  Above we highlight the differences (good and bad) for you.

Good features:

1) SS2BR newsletter has the lowest cost in the industry ($10).  We offer not only a newsletter solution but one with leverage to generate leads from our system.

2) We are the only service offering unlimited emails for a flat $10 rate.&nbRead More...

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Q7 - Why Can't I Import My List

A common question is why lists cannot be imported.

SS2BR does not allow bulk uploads of contacts.  This is different from all of the other vendors.  The reason is that we are 100% CANN SPAM compliant.  this means 100% of our subscribers must register with us and then confirm their email addresses, demonstrating they have chosen to be part of the system.

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