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Q4 - What industries Can Use This Effectively?

Almost any company in the world can use the SS2BR model for prospecting, closing, monitoring and lead generation.  If you consider an initial meeting with a new prospective customer isn't the first 15-45 minutes of the meeting spent building rapport and educating him about your company, products and competitors?

We recommend that you take all that information and break it down into 7-12 short 5-15 minute lessons (text, audio, video etc.).  Once loaded into the SS2BR system, when you meet new prospects you can use the script "We do XYZ and have a free training program that is short and informative that you can take at....When you are finished we would be happy to meet you and learn about your business".

With this approach, you instantly separate yourself from the competition and stand out.  You can now direct all of your marketing efforts to this training and systematize all of your prospecting activities.  When they finish the course, we notify you immediately so you can follow up with each new prospect.

Potential target customers include: Corporations, small businesses, language education, MLM, professional speakers, coaches, CLE programs, online training, books, tapes, and test applications.  To learn more please contact us or take the Course: How to learn about SS2BR by using the system to see what it is like.


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