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Really Big Results enables success by providing a unique (and patent pending) accountability tool that keeps students on track.  Completion equals results.

There are literally millions of online training courses now but they lack the unique delivery and accountability process offered by Really Big Results.

Other large companies, universities and online delivery companies offer lessons with reminders but they do not allow the time flexibility of Really Big Results.  Nor do they have the level of accountability which is what keeps the student on track. Let's face it - with online training - unless you can sit for 1-5 hours at a time, it is very hard to complete a course.  The Really Big Results model solves this problem.

The model requires you to take action consistently by selecting one of the link choices in the delivery system.  A student may select "Yes" (I finished today’s lesson), "No" (Oops I did not do it), Continue (I finished and want to keep going), or "Pause" (I need to pause the delivery for a specific time). If you choose "no" or "pause" the program suspends.  After a set time, you will start getting reminders to continue. After a pre-determined number of reminders, SS2BR sends the content owner a  report notifying them of your status (you have officially procrastinated).  They will then follow up to get you back on track.

The features available for online training are lessons broken down into bite size chunks, the accountability process (virtual mom and dad) and the ability to track the improvement and results.

Our advertising option promotes your business to our growing database resulting in lead generation for your business.  The affiliate program also can become a revenue stream to help fund your corporate marketing and training departments.  Contact us to learn more.


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