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Q-6 - Why is your newsletter service better?

The most common newsletter services are 1) Constant Contact, iContact, Swiftpage, etc.  If you want a full comparison of features between the top 10 Click Here.

The SS2BR newsletter service is being introduced as the next generation of newsletters.  It is a streamlined service and includes only the essential features.  Above we highlight the differences (good and bad) for you.

Good features:

1) SS2BR newsletter has the lowest cost in the industry ($10).  We offer not only a newsletter solution but one with leverage to generate leads from our system.

2) We are the only service offering unlimited emails for a flat $10 rate.  All of our competitors use a variable cost model.

3) Free lead generation is possible with the SS2BR system.  Our whole database clientele can find your newsletter and subscribe.  When they do, you have just received a qualified lead.

4) The SS2BR system can turn your dead leads into a potential lifetime variable income stream.

5) As an advanced feature, we will utilize the SS2BR process to help you keep your newsletter content active by sending you reminders to post your new content.


1) SS2BR does not allow bulk uploads of contacts.  This is different from all of the other vendors. The reason is that we are 100% CANN SPAM compliant.  This means 100% of our subscribers must register with us and then confirm their email addresses, demonstrating they have chosen to be part of the system.

Because we are an email driven solution, this is one of the key features that should always keep us "white listed" to ensure your newsletters and courses are not interrupted.

2)  With the launch of the newsletter service, we have the basic features and will add others based on feedback from you.  We want to resolve the needs of our customers and focus our resources to offer you the best solutions.


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