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Q5 - If So Much is FREE, How Does Really Big Results Make Money?

One of the questions we always get is "If it is free to join and free for authors to use the system, then how does Really Big Results Make Money"?

Well we derive our income in several ways and the answer is simple:

1) Every author or product owner is required to provide one program for free so you can test them out to see if they are any good.  Because we can help you complete the course, you stand to gain far more than you might have on your own.  You may then decide that  the author may also provide paid programs, but we do provide a markup on the product for the "delivery and accountability" process we provide.  This is above and beyond the content.  The person that buys the program does pay for the course and the delivery and accountability process.  Our research shows that results are more important than the price.

If you just want the content, you can go to the authors own website and purchase it without our delivery and accountability system.  We even encourage you to do this if cost is the most important factor.  But you will not see the same results.

We have compliments all the time about our consistent and interactive delivery system.  our clients appreciate that all our courses are delivered the same way, so that each student can proceed at his own pace.  All of our content, be it a book, a tape, a course, they are delivered with our patent pending delivery and accountability system

2) We offer different levels of advertising.  We provide a variety of options including front page placements, promotions and banner ads.

3) Multiple revenue streams can be developed from our model of cool features.  For example, leads can be generated from other author’s customers.  People are far more willing to try something if it is FREE.  You can sell your own paid products after students take one of your courses.

We offer newsletter subscriptions at low cost with high value.  Our newsletter feature allows unlimited emails, free lead generation and the potential for lifetime recurring revenue.  Our affiliate program automates this process and builds 4 additional levels of affiliates to grow your recurring potential lifetime income.


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