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Benefits to Corporations


  • Use SS2BR for your confidential internal training (HR, Sales, pre-interview screening and more)
  • Use to train your vendors for product certifications.
  • Use as an automated process for customer training.
  • Use the SS2BR process as a funding source for your training and educational budget via the affiliate program.

Application Example

SS2BR has created a program called "RASP" or resume automated screening program.  This is a program for large companies who post a job opening and receive an overwhelming amount of resumes.  This becomes a daunting task to screen all the resumes.  With the SS2BR model, the company can create an company introductory program that educates the applicant all about the company.  SS2BR recommends 8-12 lessons approximately 5-15 minutes each.  Then when a job opening is posted, it refers the applicant to take this course first.

The results will screen out those applicants the will not follow through or take action.  In addition, they will know all about the company, the job requirements, benefits etc. before the first interview.  This will reduce the first interview time substantially and possibly up to 50%.  This is a manpower savings and makes sense to implement.

This is free for the company to implement and if there are time and resource constraints, SS2BR can project manage it for a onetime fee of $60 per hour.  Submit a help desk ticket if you would like to learn more.


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