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How to shorten your sales pitch, make your sales team more productive and lower costs

faq_pic1Question:  If we traveled with you or your sales reps to five different prospects, on five different days, how many different versions of your company would we hear?  five or more - correct? 

If so, why do you do it that way?  Is there a better approach?  The answer is YES.

Now you can change the way your sales team operates (from the doctor approach where you handles each appointment face to face) and have 2, 5, 10 or 100 learning about you and why they should buy from you, all at the same time. 

Generating leads with the current sales approach is slow, expensive and now not necessary. 

Here's the real problem:  Your sales representative books an appointment with a prospect and In that first meeting (you wish they would spend 100% of the time listening), unfortunately your sales representative will spend approximately 60-90% of that time educating the prospect all about everything they need to know  such as:

  • What they need to know about you and your company that makes you different
  •  all about the competition and
  • most importantly "what they need to do to get the best deal. 

All the customer wants to know is the information first.  They might even know more about your competitors because they did their "random" research on Google, asking around, blogs, and personal testimonials . In that first meeting they really don't even need the sales person.

Then the second meeting or conversation begins where you begin to focus on their situation or need.

That means that only 10%-30% of the time on that first call is spend on the customer.  Does the sales representative even need to be there?

What if you could automate the process of educating the prospect?  

Let prospects prequalify themselves: Now you can create a shift in your approach and only work with qualified and interested prospects, who want to buy from you.  Let prospects educate themselves with your automated sales pitch (described below) so they move from a cold prospect, to a warm prospect into a hot prospect and that is the right point where you want to follow up (we send you an email at this exact point to notify you) and now you can close them for the next step of your sales process (an order or the first meeting). 

Note: You can install your automated sales pitch with our free wizard tool( if you have the time and knowledge) or you can use our recommended one time consulting services to do it for you.

Imagine by adding this new approach to sales, you can 

  1. Shorten the Sales Cycle
  2. Lower Your Costs
  3. Close more business with less effort
  4. Increase the number of prospects from a one on one situation to one on many (24/7)

You can even begin to have leads come to you (from our network for free)  vs. always having to struggle to go and find them.

The Solution:  Automate the process with ReallyBigResults.com and allow the prospect to educate themselves at their own speed and then when they know all about you and what makes you great, and they have all the information to buy from you and get a good deal, then that is the time for you to meet and spend quality time with them but not before.  Would you agree?  Here are the three steps:

greenA_businessmtgwithtextStep 1 - Identify and document the important information (hot buttons) you need to give them (or the information you are giving them) by either taking your own notes or record your next few presentations.  If you are not sure how to do this, we offer consulting services on a one time basis. Use us for an hour or have us do it all so you get it done quickly.  In most cases, here are the hot buttons your prospect needs to hear to be able to feel confident in you:  1) Fix it right 2) Fix it on time 3) Don't Cheat me 4) Provide great customer service 5) Offer me a guarantee to lower the risk.

Step 2 - Break your information into 5-8 short 3-7 minute presentations (video, PowerPoint, attachments etc.) onto the ReallyBigResults.com system for free.  We can either do it for you or you can use the wizard to load your information.

Step 3 - Point all of your marketing efforts (your "elevator pitch" social media like FaceBook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. towards your course etc.) to your new automated course.  The ReallyBigResults.com delivery and accountability system will hold them accountable to finish and when they know all about you and why you are so great, then we notify you and you can follow up to call them and close them or close them for the next step in your sales cycle.

Your "elevator pitch" changes from a rambling script to something like this: I am expert in the _______ industry.  We have a an online short course that tells you everything you need to know to get the best deal.  Take the course and when you are finished, I would be happy to talk to you about your situation. Here is the link.

Here is a sample template/storyboard to use:

Lesson 1 - 3-7 minute video from either the President or owner of the company introducing the company and what makes you so great

Lesson 2 - 4-6 minute presentation about the problems everybody faces in your industry (video, PowerPoint, text, attachment or audio format)

Lesson 3 - 5-7 minute drilling down into the specific issues and the consequences most people face if they take the wrong action or no action (video, PowerPoint, text, attachment or audio format)

Lesson 4 - 3-10 minutes how you solve the problem (video, PowerPoint, text, attachment or audio format)

Lesson 5 - 3-5 testimonials to validate that you are good (Video is best)

Lesson 6 - 3-6 minutes providing the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of all the objections they will give you. Answer them in advance (PowerPoint or text)

Lesson 7 - Optional quiz if you need to qualify them or have them fill out a pre-informational from

Lesson 8 - Your call to action

We offer complete services to assist you to complete the process above.  Coaching, storyboarding the message, video services, copy writing and even actors if needed. 

Pricing Packages: 

Option 1 - $899

Includes 5 hours of support including 7 step storyboard template, content coaching and guidance and one on one webinar on how to load the content into the back end wizard.  one month as a featured course, The feature course provides proactive exposure to all users with every click on a page and all users that are actively taking a course (free or paid) as they click on one of the 4 links, it takes you to a landing page with your featured course. The featured courses rotate 4 courses at a time with a maximum of 25 courses in the rotation.  So you can expect thousands of views per month.

Option 2 - $1,995

Includes one on one interview with you or your sales person (local Atlanta customers can have face to face meeting, remote users are interviewed via telephone) in which we will record the interview, transcribe it, provide marketing editing for a powerful message, prepare the storyboard template with 5 PowerPoint slides edited and turned into videos with audio overrides. Assistance with the introduction video script.  Load the completed package into the back end for you.  It also includes 3 months as a featured course (see above for details).


Option 3 - $4,995 (recommended option)


Turnkey project management to build your automated sales pitch.  It begins with a one on one interview with you or your sales person (local Atlanta customers can have face to face meeting, remote users are interviewed via telephone or Skype) in which we will record the interview, transcribe it, provide the editing for a powerful message, prepare the storyboard template with 5 PowerPoint slides edited and turned into videos with audio overrides. Then you provide approval and we project manage the introduction video script movie and 2 additional movies and 2 4 PowerPoint lessons with auto and semi animation.  Load the completed package into the back end for you.  It also includes 6 months as a featured course (see above for details).

Option 4 - Free (Do it yourself with our built in wizard). Contact us for details how to make it happen.  Recommend one hour review and coaching for webinar ($90) to give overview but not required.  We found that most business owners do not have the time or experience to put it all together but if you want to try, it is no cost to give it a go!

If you would like to learn more, email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Let us Generate New Leads for You

Once you have your story loaded into the ReallyBigResults.com, you become part of our business "eco-system" of companies and prospects, anyone in our systems can browse through the courses and find you. Then we nurture them through your course and when finish,  we hand you a new and hot lead for free.

If you want to proactively market to the whole database, contact us about being a sponsor in our featured courses.  There is a limit of 25 positions with 5 positions displayed at a time and they rotate.  Every time someone clicks on a page or they click on a link in a course they are taking, the are directed to a splash page confirming what the next step is and they see the featured courses.

ReallyBigResults.com also has "Endorsed" positions available also.  Contact us for details.

Once or twice a month ReallyBigResults.com also sends out a newsletter to all of the people in the database introducing new courses that have been added.  If someone finds your course particularly interesting they can click on the link and learn more.  So this encourages you to add additional free courses periodically.

Next, use our free newsletter service to communicate to all of your prospects and customers.  If you need help, submit a service ticket.


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