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Benefits to Authors

If you own content, you are an author.  It is free for authors to post programs (free and paid). Post as many as you like for more exposure.

  • As an author you are required to submit one free program as your 'anti" into the SS2BR system.  This gives all the users of SS2BR a chance to take your free course to see if they like your material.  If they do, you have a greater chance they will buy something from you. This process can generate many free leads for you and your  business
  • It is free to use the system for both your free and paid programs
  • We collect the sales amount and pay you electronically within 24 hours.
  • You may add unlimited content.
  • You can use the system to test new products.
  • SS2BR creates a new SEO model so others can find you on the Internet.
  • You can turn your database into a multi-revenue opportunity (note: this is a recurring income where you do nothing - ask for details)
  • You gain access to detailed reporting features.
  • Our newsletter service is lower in cost than the industry average and allows unlimited outbound emails.  This can turn dead leads into lifetime revenue opportunity.

The end user or student had the ability to rate your course.  With better ratings, you receive more leads as you are seen more by the users in the Small Steps to Big Results.

The system allows you to build as many lessons within any course including quizzes, tests, SCORM compliance courses and more.  You can insert links in your lessons to send user to watch a video on your site, YouTube or U-Qast (which we support).

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