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Attention Consumers

As a consumer, it is frustrating to purchase a book, tape or course online only to be distracted and then never finish.

What makes this platform different is we have a user friendly accountability system that allows you to have full control of the delivery program. The content owner breaks up the course into small bite size chunks (typically 3-7 minutes each) and you control how slow or fast you take the lessons.

lectureIf life gets in they way, just tell the system you (click a link) that you did not have time and it re-sends the lesson again tomorrow.  Or if you have time and can take several lessons then tell the system to fast forward the next lesson (click a link) and you can take as many as you like.

Maybe it is a book you want to read so the author set it up for a chapter a day.  Again you can read it as slow or fast as you like.

Please review the featured courses and programs or select the shop and try some of the free programs to get a feel of how natural it is to use this system.

You can also provide feedback on the course if you like it or it needs improvement. You comments are always welcome.


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