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Attention Business Owners - Automate Your Sales Pitch

Who else wants to lower their sales costs, shorten the sales cycle and spend less time on sales and marketing and more time on implementing their product or solution?  If that sounds good to you, read on.

manynetworkersThe age old problem of sales is finding the prospect when they are about to buy your product or begin the research process.  Today, the potential buyer takes advantage of the situation long before you can get to them.  They cheat and use the Internet to research what they need, who they need it from and what to watch out for.  Things like  Google, blogs, customer reviews, Facebook referrals (or negative feedback) all give them a big leg up.

And why do they do this? The real reason is they want to get a good deal!  The sales industry has had a challenging history with not everybody always getting the best deal.  Many people have been taken advantage of and regretted it later. The buyer feels (very important) that if they do not have at least as much information (or more) when they talk to the sales person, that they will be at a disadvantage and not get the best deal.

blueandorangemenOn the sales representative side, when they have that first meeting, the customer is digging for information that they don't have yet and the sales person is willing to provide all the information they need.  Who you are, why you are better or worse than anyone else, your reputation, and what you can tell them about the competition.  When the first 30 -60 minutes are over, the sales person will have spent 60% - 90% of the time doing nothing but educating the buyer.  Yes they want to and are supposed to be spending 60% - 90% listening...but that rarely happens because the buyer typically has control of the conversation.

We found that if we travel with a business owner or sales person on average to (5) five prospects on (5) five different days we will get at least (5) five different versions of what you do!  Could that be the case with your business also?

It is now easy to fix:  Build a best of class sales pitch, automate it into 7 simple steps and then load it onto this free platform so anybody can hear your best sales pitch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You also create leverage because you can have multiple people hearing all about you at the same time.  2,5, 10 or 100 prospects.  Our  patent pending accountability system holds them accountable until they are finish and then we notify you.

You have a single point of presentation to drive your potential customers too and we promote you to our database as well to generate free leads.  Our database is ever growing as we add more and more content providers and newsletter owners who might have an interest in learning about you.

If this is valuable to you, send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we can discuss how you can be promoted for free.

See the details on how to automate your sales pitch - "Click Here"


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