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Attention Authors Speakers and Coaches

If you are an author, speaker or coach and want to sell more of your books, tapes, seminars and coaching, we would like to introduce you to ReallyBigResults.com.


Imagine selling your content or material and the end user is held accountable to finish and they get the expected results. And then as soon as they finish, you are notified...What could you do with that information?

If you knew exactly when they finished and you knew they finished, your chances of selling them a second, third or forth product increases. 


Do you have a book you publish?  Offer the first two chapters for free and if they like it then they have a higher potential to buy the whole book.

What makes ReallyBigResults.com different than Amazon or other online channels to market are:

  1. Better margins
  2. Knowledge delivered in bite size chunks
  3. Patent pending accountability process to improve the amount of users who finish
  4. Accountability to notify you if they procrastinate or don't finish (with their email address so you can follow up)
  5. Increase sales to people from the ReallyBigResults.com database
  6. Make more money while you sleep

CEOSpace classroomIf you are a speaker, resell your live training or webinars to a larger audience generating additional revenue from the same effort.

If you are a coach, increase the number of people you can coach at one time.  Leverage automation so you work less and make more.  If you would like to understand exactly how, send us a note at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more details.

The bottom like it is free to you.  How we make our money is we mark  up your products (justified by the delivery and accountability process) and keep the mark up.  For example:  You sell a book traditionally on Amazon.com for $10.  Your bottom line profit is maybe $1-$4 dollars.  Then you add your book to ReallyBigResults.com (you must own the publishing rights) and we sell it for $15 (we don't want to compete with your other channels to market).  We bill the end user $15, send you $10 and we keep $5 for our business.  Yes you get $10 vs. $1 - $4.

We then periodically promote your products to the whole database to try you out.  That is why we recommend first some sort of free or low cost option for the users.

We do not charge you to use the system and as we continue to grow and build a larger database our goal is to become a free source of leads, buyers and a no cost sales channel.

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