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9-p1So you want free money right?  It takes 5 simple steps to make it happen (be sure to read this in it's entirety)

1) Register as an affiliate (that's free)

2) Activate your affiliate account (check your email and spam filter for an email from This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

3) Go into your affiliate account (login) and grab your new affiliate link and forward it to everyone you know.  Encourage them to register and try a free courses.

4) Browse through the courses and take one yourself.

5) Sit back and let the system go to work.  Kind of hard to believe right?

Here is what happens.  When you refer your contacts into the ReallyBigResults.com (RBR) system they become part of your affiliate team.  When they browse the free courses, the chances are great of finding some content they like.  Then they can purchase that authors next paid course.  When they do, you earn 5% of the money that RBR earns.  For example if an author sells his product at retail for $100, RBR will mark it up  50%.  We sell it to the end user for $150.  We send the $100 to the author and keep the $50.  You would earn 5% on the $50 or $2.50. You earn 4% on your second level, 3% on your third level, 2% on your 4th level and 1% on your 5th level. Let me show  how this grows into big money with minimal any effort on your part. You can even make money while you sleep.  After you see this you might go crazy and introduce it to everybody you  know before someone else does...

Let's go back to our example where you earned a whopping $2.50.  Now that might not sound like much but here is where it gets interesting.  The SS2BR system will automatically encourage people who registered through your affiliate link to register their own network.  This would be your 2nd level. Our system continues this process for the 3rd, 4th and 5th levels.  Now let's play with an example.  Let's assume you and everyone registers 10 people. Let's also use the example of the course above that sold for $15.

You refer 10 people (10 on level 1), they refer 10 each (100 on your second level), they refer 10 each (1000 on your 3rd level), they refer 10 (10,000 on your 4th level), they refer 10 (100,000 on your 5th level). That brings your affiliate team to 111,110 people in your income team.  If just 2% purchase the product above (that's 2,222 people) your income develops like this: 

Note: Disclaimer: There are zero guarantees that anybody will buy anything at any time.  This example is just that...an example and your income could be zero for life or become a variable amount. The actual results cannot and will not be predicted and this is not to influence you that you will or can make this amount of money now or ever.  If you agree to this disclaimer, read on!

Level 1 (5% of $50 =$2.50 X 2 People = $5)                                                                           $5.00

Level % Commission SS2BR Amt Your Commission # of People 2% Buy the Product Your Total Commission Notes
1 5% $50 $2.50 10 .2 $2.50

Your registered 10 people.

Do you know more than 10?

2 4% $50 $2.00 100 2 4

You sat back and let the system

work and build this

3 3% $50 $1.50 1000 20 30

You sat back and let the system

work and build this
4 2% $50 $1.00 10,000 200 200

You sat back and let the system

work and build this
5 1% $50 $0.50 100,000 2000 1000

You sat back and let the system

work and build this
Totals 111,110 2222.2 $1,234,50

That is in a month.  The SS2BR

System keeps building

Now wasn't that exercise fun?

What's important to know about this exercise is that it starts with you registering someone through your affiliate link.  If they do not register through your link they do not become part of your affiliate team.

This example also makes the assumption that you only invite 10 people and quit.  We suspect you could add 10 people a week or a month or a year and continue to grow your team.  You might also create massive leverage by not only inviting individuals, but companies.  Think what could happen if you registered 10 companies each with 1000 employees (they might use it to deliver HR, sales, vendor or customer training etc.) .  How much would that be worth to your retirement account?

If you would like to learn more just let us know!

Please note, the payout is not calculated on one sale an affiliate might buy but on all their sales for life!

So if you like free money, go back to the affiliate tab and register.  Remember the first person to register another as an affiliate will earn the credit for those sales.


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