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The easiest way to get promoted to the whole base is to be an advertiser for our "Featured courses".  This is limited to 25 sponsors at $1000 a month which gives you continual exposure to the whole base multiple times.

Here is how it works.  There are 25 advertiser positions available. The course ads are featured at the top of each page with 4-5 positions exposed.  With every click, they rotate to a fresh group and you get 1-3 exposures. per click.

Also with every  person taking a free or paid lesson, they are required to click one of the links to tell the system they are still engaged in the lesson process.  When they click the lesson, they are taken to a ReallyBigResults.com confirmation page where the featured courses are displayed.  So every user with every response to every lesson will be exposed to the featured courses.  That means if you are one of the 25 sponsors for the month you will be promoted to the entire base that is actively taking courses or browsing the website continually.

Why advertise with us?  Here are the top 6 reasons to advertise with ReallyBigResults:com

1)  We only support advertisers who have programs on our system.  We are building a business eco-system of users who support users.  If you do not have a product on our system (free or paid) you will not be eligible to become an advertiser.  We want to promote those in our growing database with only those in our database so it create a better crowd of people who want to be here.

2)  We are constantly growing our subscriber base with new users who see your advertisement and could become your next hot lead.  This gives you access to new databases that you would normally not have access to.

3)  We offer multiple advertising packages to fit any budget (submit a help desk ticket for more information)

4)  You can include a program on our site and have advertisement links right to your course so prospects can subscribe. Then you have the ability to use our newsletter solution to offer drip marketing to everyone that raises their hand and steps into your list

5) Great Return on Investment - The secret is to get more leads in that make you money than your investment.  Our advertising mission is to help you achieve this with every advertisement. If you do not receive a positive return on investment we offer free months of advertising to ensure you gain a positive return.  We might offer suggestions to modify your product or course to improve it and you would need to make those changes to earn the free months.  Bad product that people do not want is just bad product...Sorry!

6) Advertise 24 hours a day, not just when a radio or TV commercial comes on (which limits your audience).


Premium Package: $1000 per month

  1. link at top of page as recommended product 
  2. listed on recommend products page
  3. Separate direct marketing message sent by SS2BR to our whole database about you
  4. landing page for promotion
  5. Affiliate link to build multiple streams of revenue for you
  6. Included as "best liked advertisers" in our bi - monthly update along with the top 100 advertisers"
  7. 6 month sales landing page - We develop it and host it and offer free monthly changes if needed

Gold Package: $750 Month

  • Includes features 2,3,4,5,6 of the Premium Package 

Silver Package:  $500 Month

    • Includes features 3,4,5 of the Premium Package

    Basic Package:  $250 per month

    • Includes features 4,5 of the Premium Package

    Starter Package:  $100 per Month

    • Included in list of top 100 advertisers which is sent out twice a month

    To learn more, send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and a representative will contact you to discuss which option works best for you.


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