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george new pic1 The Story: It all started with this guy:

I was one of those guys who went to all the seminars but never seemed to get the results... I seemed to get distracted and never finished the required steps!

This frustration actually was the catalyst for my business idea.  I spent years  buying all the books and tapes, attending seminars with the hopes of becoming richer, happier, etc... All  I seemed to get was a huge shelf of awesome material from others who were telling me all the secrets to success.  If only if I could use them.

Unfortunately, my collection of all of this knowledge became a massive dust collector. I knew it was my fault because I never finished. I spent years staring at my wonderful investment. Life just seemed to get in the way.

At first I thought it was just me, but upon study  I found out that a large majority of people faced the same situation. As a matter of fact, in the professional speakers industry, they say 87% of the people who buy educational material either never open it or never finish.  The more I researched the problem, the more I found it to be pervasive in almost every industry, whether online or off-line.

In response to my personal dilemma, I developed a course delivery system that would keep me on track, on schedule, and would fit around my life.  I knew if I could just take small steps every day, I could get the big results I wanted.   So you can see where I invented the name; Small Steps to Big Results or (ss2br). That was the first step which was to take small steps.

Unfortunately, with all my good intentions, I still procrastinated. I fell behind and realized I still was not accomplishing my goals of "big results".   So I added the second element; the one that worked when I was a kid, who was having mom constantly remind me. Only mom is not here, so I directed our technology professionals to build in the accountability piece in honor of her. And guess what...when the "virtual mom" was working, my results  vastly improved.

We have created what we believe is the simple solution to help people improve themselves with online training. Small steps to big results : ss2br. Course delivery in small, manageable steps and a built-in "virtual mom" accountability system. I devised a system that worked for me. Our goal in establishing ReallyBigResults.com is that it will work for you, as well!

Then I saw the bigger picture and the real purpose of ReallyBigResults.com.  I created ReallyBigResults.com because I wanted to change the way everyone finds new customers.  I discovered that every business does not like to spend time or money in marketing and sales. All they wanted was to gain new clients so they could spend their time "Implementing" their product or service.

By creating a system that helped everyone solve their problems first, then leveraging a ever growing global database of double opted in users who can learn about you before they buy, then we have a solution that everybody wins.  It embraces the pay it forward model in the true sense.

If you have questions, feedback or have a problem that you need my personal involvement, please let me know. My contact information is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or my direct line is 770-352-0662 and I will give you my best effort to help you get resolution as quickly as I can.


George Ishee, Chief Executive Officer, is a senior executive with more than 29 years of sales and management experience. Mr. Ishee has been involved in building sales teams and processes for success, owns his own marketing company to services mid-size to small companies and performs consulting functions. He has been responsible for developing the SS2BR concept and overseeing the development to this stage.

alexdobrinAlex Dorbin, Sr. Design & Programmer, has more than 10 years of experience in programming, project management, and design work.

michael moore headshot  Michael Moore - Board of Adviser's Michael joins uswith a strong background in the banking and finance industry. He has run and sold several   companies and currently helps companies grow and prosper. He is an Eagle Scout




blancablaneyheadshot  Blanca Blaney – Board of Adviser's

  Blanca Blaney is currently a Partner of Accelerated Alignment Group, (AAG) in Atlanta. She has with extensive experience in organizational development,   corporate turn-around work, management effectiveness, executive coaching and M&A integration with proven results. She has an earned reputation for integrity and credibility at all levels of an organization.


Blanca has worked for GE, as their Global HR Director, supporting: Asia, India, Europe, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United States.

She serves on several advisory boards such as Delta’s Advisory Board of Curators (an Atlanta Diversity Consortium), e-Team,

Blanca is a native of Spain and she is fluent in Spanish, and conversational in French.

  • Ron Youngs, Board of Advisors, brings30+ years of experience with The Walt Disney Company.

drjollyholdenDr. Jolly Holden – Board of Advisors is an e-learning consultant and Associate with the Enliten Management Group. He also serves as an Adjunct Faculty to the American InterContinental University Online Master’s of Education degree program in Instructional Technology. He also was the Chief of the Evaluation and Technology Branch and Graduate Education Program Manager for the Air Force Institute of Technology until his retirement from the Air Force. For the past 12 years, he has been actively involved in researching and promoting distance learning throughout the federal government and corporate community. He is widely recognized as one of the industry leaders in developing the distance learning market for the federal government, where he co-founded the Federal Government Distance Learning Association. He is currently on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA). He is also an Industry Fellow to Ball State University’s Center for Information and Computer Sciences and on the Board of Trustees for the Webb Foundation. Additionally, he serves on the board of The Education Coalition and the Federal Government Distance Learning Association (FGDLA) and prior served on the Board of Adviser's for Advisory Board, and the Georgia Distance Learning Association Board of Adviser's. During the past 10 years, Dr. Holden has keynoted several distance learning conferences, conducted workshops on distance learning, and chaired numerous learning and technology tracks at prominent education and training conferences. He has been listed in the Who’s Who in Teleconferencing since 1996 and was the 2001 inductee into the USDLA Hall of Fame and the FGDLA Hall of Fame.


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