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Are you using your unlimited newsletter service yet  or are you paying a monthly fee?

Just yesterday, I had a comment sent to me from a user (Michael in Atlanta) who sent out a notice to a group of potential customers to join his newsletter list and he had a 10% capture rate in the first day! 

He was very surprised and was happy because his newsletter service is free with a one time $10 membership fee using the donate button.  Please use the donation link on the bottom right of the website.  His comment was no more paying for a newsletter service from constant contact!

As a registered user with ReallyBigResults.com you have access to your own free newsletter service.  Once you log-in, go to the home menu > My newsletter/lists and create your first list.  Then go to the Affiliate tab and copy your affiliate ID.  Then send your affiliate ID to those that you want to join your newsletter list.  Post your link on FaceBook. Twitter and your Linkedin accounts.

It's that simple.  If you need assistance, just let us know.

Recommended course:  Want to remember everyone's name?

Our recommend course for the
month is "Mastering Your Memory by Dr. Mark Dufner"
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In this free course you have 90 minutes of powerful techniques
that will fix your memory forever.  It works!  So if it is important for you
or your friends or employees to remember names, take this course.
 It is awesome.

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This Week's Tip: Start using our free newsletter service

Why pay for a service when it is free?  Go to

If you need help in designing or automating your presentation, we have a team that can help you.  Send us an email and let us know what you do.  support@reallybigresults.com


Free Newsletter Service - Watch this Video (3:46 Min)

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Video 3 of 3 - How to Build a Course (Video 2 -  6:17 minutes) 

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Small Steps to Big Results is the FIRST Complete "Delivery and Accountability" System for the Training and Education Industry. 

Here are the 4 Key factors that make it successful:

1 - Daily Lessons in Bite Size "Chunks"

2 - The End User Has Control of the Delivery Schedule (Fitting it Into Their Lifestyle) with 4 Easy Links

3 - Patent Pending Accountability Tool (We call it our Virtual Mom and Virtual Dad Monitoring System) 

4 - Increased Results and Completion Rates for Students

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